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image The Miss Tooele City Royalty from left to right are Kristen VanDerwerken, Ashlyn Cahoon, Alyssa Banks, Breanne Jefferies and Britney Bresee. Jefferies and VanDerwerken join the royalty as co-attendants after a possible judging discrepancy. photo courtesy of Kami Perkins

July 9, 2013
Miss Tooele City Pageant adds co-attendants after discovery of possible judging discrepancy

The Miss Tooele City Pageant has added two more co-attendants to the 2013 Royalty due to a possible judging discrepancy.

Contestants Breanne Jefferies and Kristen VanDerwerken will join Ashlyn Cahoon and Britney Bresee as co-attendants to 2013 Miss Tooele City Alyssa Banks.

“We had to make an important judgment call based on the information available to us at the time,” said Pageant Director Kami Perkins. “We were concerned that a judge did not make an advance disclosure regarding knowledge of contestants. Having knowledge of contestants doesn’t necessarily disqualify someone from judging, but the procedural step serves an important purpose —  it gives the pageant the opportunity to evaluate the extent of the knowledge and the opportunity to determine in advance the judge’s suitability to serve.”

Perkins emphasized, “We have no reason to believe that anything malicious or dishonest occurred. Our judges were all qualified and professional individuals who utilized their expertise to do the best job they could for this community. We just didn’t want any concern hanging out there, so we removed that judge’s scores from all contestants completely.”

In addition to being added as co-attendants, Jefferies and VanDerwerken will also each receive a $750 dollar scholarship from the city.

Perkins added that even when the scores in question were thrown out, Banks’ scores still made her Miss Tooele City 2013.

“[Alyssa] was at the top of all the judges’ score cards,” she said. “We just made the decision that once we threw out the one judge’s score card, to ask the next person on the list if they would like to be a co-attendant and so on until we had two more co-attendants.

Each member of the royalty already participated in their first event as representatives of Tooele City during the Fourth of July Parade last week.

All five members of the royalty will now be required to represent Tooele City at various community service events throughout the next calendar year. An anticipated 300 plus hours of community service will be shared between the five women.

“This is one of those growing pains for a new program and we will make changes to improve upon our advance disclosure requirements so that in the future any potential concerns are eliminated,” said Perkins. “We don’t ever want to deal with the unknown again. We absolutely have to take any knowledge into consideration when selecting our judges. The disclosure requirement serves an important role in helping us to do so.”

The Miss Tooele City Pageant was held for the first time in 2012. This year’s pageant was held on July 1.

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