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September 21, 2022
Missing Grantsville girl found

A missing Grantsville girl was found safe last week.

14-year-old Alexia Nicolee Linarez Jauregui was found in South Salt Lake after she left home in Grantsville on Sept. 10.

Jauregui was found on Sept. 13 near a movie theater, according to Lt. Jeff Watson with the Grantsville Police Department.

When Jauregui left home on Sept. 10, she left a note saying she was leaving of her own free will and might be back later.

“Family thought she might be trying to go to Mexico,” Watson said.

During the four days the teenager was missing, she had some contact with her family but police were unable to locate her.

Because Jauregui was believed to be crossing state lines, her case was upgraded to a kidnapping, according to Watson.

The investigation is still ongoing but if it is found that Jauregui was with adults at the time of her disappearance, the adults will be charged with kidnapping, according to Watson.


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