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May 15, 2014
Modifying alert settings in the notification center

OS X Mavericks makes improvements in the Notification Center, allowing you more customization of your alert style and alert settings. Here’s how to modify the Notification settings for the apps installed on your computer.

Go ahead and click the Apple icon, then select “System Preferences.” In the System Preferences pane, if you have been working in previous versions, you’ll notice the icons are still in rows, but the categories have been removed. The icons are a little larger too and some are updated, such as the iCloud icon.

Next, select the Notifications icon and The Notification Center pane will appear. Select the app that you wish to modify. First, you’ll select the style alert which offers you the choice of “None,” “Banner” or “Alerts.”

If you select “None,” no alerts will be displayed for the selected app. If you select “Banner,” when an alert is received, a small banner appears in the upper-right corner of the screen and disappears automatically. When you select “Alerts,” an alert will appear and will remain open until you close it. Select your preference.

Next, you’ll choose your alert settings options that you want to apply to the selected app. Checkmark the box: “Show in Notification Center” and then select how many alerts you want to appear in the Notification Center for that app. If you remove the checkmark, the Notification Center will not display any alerts for that app. Select your preferences.

By placing a checkmark in the box for Badge app icon, it will display a number on the selected app’s Dock icon for each alert received. Remove the checkmark and no number will appear on the app’s Dock icon. Select your preference.

If you checkmark “Play sound when receiving notifications,” a sound plays each time an alert is received. Remove the checkmark to stop alert sounds for that app. Again, select your preference.

Go through all the apps you wish to modify the alert settings and then close the Notifications pane.


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