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January 7, 2014
More disgusted I become

Bonuses? Bonuses! I would be ashamed of myself after firing around 100 people and then thinking I had done a great job closing down so many jobs just to reward myself with newly acquired money, “Just because we can.”

Do you know that Tooele is classified as the worst county in the state when it comes to money matters. Great representation we have.

We were once headed in the right direction with so many state of the art buildings going up, only to be vacated for what it was built for by our overly paid county commissioners. The emergency management building had the latest equipment not found anywhere else in the U.S.

Not only that, it was mostly funded by government grants (not money out of anyone’s pocket). People came from all over to learn about it. Then to be turned over to the health department, who not only knew anything about it, but no one was trained to run it. What a waste of free money (federal grant money, not county or state) and the loss of knowledge and experience.

Last year, Tooele didn’t even have a fair because everyone was fired that ran Deseret Peak due to more cuts. The aquatic center was also closed. Give back some of that $200,000 to them or others affected by your cuts.

Whatever happened to pay it forward? Not these people. Aren’t you paid enough to help others less fortunate? Apparently not.

As I read more articles in the Transcript, the more disgusted I become. Cut out all the articles. Hang them on your wall, then ask yourself will my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren be proud of me. Again, I say shame on you.

Sherri Miller


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