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October 29, 2020
More self-storage locations headed to Tooele City


An application for approval of a site plan design for a 13-unit self-storage facility located at 2035 North 400 East in Tooele City was approved by the City’s planning commission on Wednesday evening.

During the meeting, Andrew Aagard, city planner, presented the request by Kelly Gallacher, representing SR-36 Self Storage, LLC for a self-storage facility to be built on the 5.53 acres at the site north of 2000 North.

The planning commission recommended approval of a zoning map amendment and a minor subdivision use permit for the property to facilitate the development of storage units during their Oct. 14 meeting. 

A minor subdivision permit was required for the storage units, even though no homes will actually be built on the property.

A site plan design review is the last step to allow for the property, which is currently zoned light industrial, to contain storage units.

The surrounding properties are vacant, other than a little industrial development, according to Aagard.

Properties to the north, east, and south of the subject property are currently zoned light industrial, with some of the property to the south being zoned as I-industrial.

Aagard said that the applicant would like to build a perimeter fence around the storage units.

There will be an office for the storage units located at the northeast corner of the property with no living facility, along with five parking stalls for employees and customers visiting the office.

The requirement for storage unit parking is three stalls.

Access into the storage units will be primarily from 400 East, according to Aagard.

However, access for fire or other emergency services will be provided from 2000 North.

A curb, gutter, and sidewalk will be constructed along 400 East and 2000 North.

The applicant wants to put in buffalo grass, which is drought tolerant and will include pine trees spaced evenly around the perimeter of the land.

The applicant also wants to make the walls of the storage units look like a storefront instead of storage units, according to Aagard.

During the meeting, Tyson Hamilton, planning commission chairman, said that the company had “set the bar pretty high” for the surrounding properties with the design plan of the storage units.

At the end of the discussion, all of the members of the planning commission voted to approve the design plan for the storage units.


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