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May 21, 2020
“More than average” accidents lead to flashing stop signs at busy city intersection

Most accidents due to stop sign runners 

Some Tooele City residents are concerned about a busy street intersection.

Traffic at 400 North and 100 East in Tooele City has grown along with speeding, stop sign running, and accidents say some residents that near the intersection or navigate through it regularly.

Dee Byergo, a Tooele City resident and a retired military veteran has been living on the corner of 400 North and 100 East for over 20 years and said he is tired of the issues this intersection causes.

“I have lived on this corner for over 20 years now,” he said. “Increasingly over the past 10 years the speeds, reckless and aggressive driving, running stop signs, noise pollution, and mostly frequent accidents have increased to daily and regular occurrences.”

After a number of years and $6,000 worth of damage to his property, Byergo began to request extra patrol from the Tooele City police, he said.

“After a couple of more years as speeds and the number of accidents kept increasing, I started to try to report the most reckless of drivers.,” Byergo said. “However, with vehicles going 50 plus  in a 25 mph zone, it is difficult to get a good description and impossible to get a license number. Even after there was a speed facility at 400 North and Elton Park, it seems people still maintain a disregard for the speed limit.”

After contacting Tooele City police, Byergo contacted the mayor and chief of police to voice his concerns.

The most “obvious” cost effective solution to the problem was to put in LED stop signs, paint crosswalks, and add additional speed and pedestrian signage, according to Byergo.

Byergo is also concerned about the intersection because there is a school bus stop at 100 East and 500 North where children cross the intersection twice daily, he said.

“One afternoon, two little girls crossing were so close to becoming a statistic when they touched the hood of the car as they stepped back on to the curb after almost being hit,” Byergo said.

According to Tooele City public information officer, Jeremy Hansen,“more than average” number of accidents have occurred at this intersection.

“As far as this year, we have had a total of five traffic accidents at this intersection, which is slightly higher than normal for a residential intersection,” Hansen said. “When we examined each of those five traffic accidents for this year, we found that in four of the cases, the vehicle which was traveling north or south bound on 100 E, failed to stop for the stop sign, which ultimately led to the traffic collision.”

With input from Tooele City police and the public works department, Tooele City officials have decided to place flashing stop signs on 100 East at 400 North, according to Hansen.


One thought on ““More than average” accidents lead to flashing stop signs at busy city intersection

  1. I live at 405 North 100 East. My fence has been crashed into multiple times.,most recently days after we were able to repair the fence another wreck occured crashing into our fence again. Thank goodness no one was in the yard at the time ,and no one was hurt. Its nerve wrecking to say the least to even attempt to do any yard work for fear of getting hurt.

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