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January 15, 2013
Much different tone

County Commissioner Shawn Milne seems to contradict himself with the interviews he has done with the Transcript-Bulletin. In a Jan. 8 interview, the newly sworn in Milne stated, “I want to observe and have a candid dialogue with department heads and constituents.” This was concerning all aspects of government. Government spending, meetings and over-looked public opinion were all cited in the article.

Two weeks earlier, in a Dec. 20 interview about changes in gun control laws, Milne had a much different tone and attitude concerning government’s role and opinions that differed from his own. The “candid dialogue” and “private concerns of citizens” were completely absent. Following the Newtown, Conn., shooting, KSL had made the decision to temporarily halt the firearms listings from their classified ads. Milne thought that was a hyper-active response and even stated his personal boycott of KSL as a news source because of KSL’s decision.

Milne didn’t sound like he was open to candid dialogue or even listening to any opposing ideas. Maybe he was just being a typical politician and taking the populist Utah opinion. I might agree or disagree with Milne’s position on gun control laws if he’d offered one. Does he want any changes? Maybe he wants an armed guard at the Deseret Peak Complex with a “no guns allowed in the pool” sign? I’d like to see Milne show some leadership and offer his own solutions instead of chiding and boycotting the decisions of KSL.

Scott Petersen


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