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August 10, 2022
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Lake Point youth makes it to top 100 mullets in national competition 

It’s all business in the front, party in the back with seven-year-old Riley Perrine, local Lake Point resident who is growing an epic mullet.

Riley started growing his famous mullet at the beginning of the pandemic after transitioning to online school from a Catholic school.

“At Catholic school, he couldn’t have his hair below his collar,” Andraya Perrine, Riley’s mother said. “Then, we went to online school, and we couldn’t get a haircut. When we moved to Tooele County, we put him in public school and he didn’t have to cut his hair, so he just let it keep growing.”

His mullet is fashioned after his uncle Jack and country singers like Travis Tritt and Morgan Wallen who sport mullets of their own, according to Riley’s mother.

Riley likes to do the “mullet shake,” where he flips his hair around.

“It’s all business in the front, party in the back,” he sang. “The mullet shake gives all the girls a heart attack.”

Riley Perrine recently entered the “USA Mullet Championships,” a contest with categories for kids, teens, men, and women where online votes determine the best mullet.

“We saw the contest on Facebook,” said his mother. “Last year someone tagged me in the contest [saying that Riley should join] and it was the day after signups ended. There was no way Riley could enter. So, I made sure to not miss it this year.”

The contest took place in July, and this is the first year Riley Perrine has entered.

“I almost made it to the finals,” he said.

Riley Perrine made it to the second round of voting, becoming one of the top 100 kids.

“They started with around 600 kids,” Andraya Perrine said. “He got a good amount of votes in the second round but it wasn’t enough to push him to the top 25.”

During his time in the contest, Riley Perrine was featured on the radio station, K-Bull 93, and on a talk show on Fox-13 news.

“Now that he has a taste of the entertainment industry, Riley wants to go into modeling or acting,” his mother said.

He now has fans wherever he goes.

Riley Perrine plans to enter his mullet in the contest again next year but this time with a twist.

“I’m going to make my mullet red, white, and blue,” he said.

He also plans to get a perm to make his mullet fancier.

“Next year, he’s planning to come back with a bigger and longer mullet,” Andraya Perrine said.

Along with mullet growing, Riley Perrine enjoys playing sports, participates in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, mutton busting, and attends rodeos.

“I like the part of rodeos where the horses jump over the fire,” he said. “If I joined the rodeo, I would want to ride Broncs and Bulls. Maybe I’ll wrestle bulls. I’ll probably do that.”

“Riley wants to be a rodeo star but that’s just the tip of his dreams lately,” his mother said. “He has been training at the Tooele Martial Arts Academy for years and plans to be a black belt one day. After seeing a 17-year-old driver at the Demolition Derby, his newest dream is to be a derby driver for the Versatile Pest Car, his dad’s company and he is already hitting his dad up for a sponsorship.”

Riley also enjoys attending country music concerts and riding his four-wheeler.

At school, Riley is a class clown and loves to make others laugh.

Riley encourages other young boys to grow mullets.

“My friend Jack is growing one,” he said. “I told him to grow one.”

However, Riley doesn’t encourage girls to grow mullets.

“They’re for boys,” he said.

Riley plans to grow out his mullet as long as possible.

He wants to thank USA Mullet Championships for hosting the contest, along with everyone who voted for him.


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