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December 24, 2018
Multi-housing conditional use permit tabled by Grantsville City

A 10-unit development on West Pear Street was tabled by the Grantsville City Council after a brief history of the area’s zoning was discussed at last Wednesday’s meeting. 

Shay Stark, a municipal planner with Aqua Engineering, described the history of the property after the current zoning of medium density and multi-family residential was questioned by City Councilman Scott Stice. The current conditional use permit would create 10 units of 1,620 square feet, clustered in two groups of three and one group of four. 

Stark referenced a city map from the 1950s when the Belaire Circle subdivision was constructed and compared it to zoning maps in the 1990s and present day, using Google Earth. Based on the available map information, Stark determined the medium and multifamily density was intended to stretch to the modern-day location of Pear Street, the south border of the proposed development. 

“As I looked at all this, my feeling is it’s pretty clear that Pear Street alignment was the intention of the zoning and the map, if you look at those dimensions and measure out, they bear that to be the case,” Stark said. 

Stark also said the developer has not been vested in anything but the zoning on the property, as the 10-unit development was not vested yet. 

Grantsville City Attorney Brett Coombs reminded the council it can require reasonable conditions under a conditional use permit, and if the use cannot be reasonably mitigated from impacting neighboring properties, it can deny the use if the council can provide a clear reason. 

Stice made a motion to table a decision on the conditional use permit, which passed 4-0. City Councilwoman Jewel Allen was absent. 


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