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June 21, 2016
My Choice

Every two years we are afforded the opportunity and privilege of electing one or two of our Tooele County commissioners. The time is again upon us to decide who we want to lead Tooele County. Who can make the tough and right decisions and not just the easy ones? Who can best represent our collective wants, needs, and values to the rest of the state, country and world? Who will put in the time and effort to make it happen?

I believe that person is Shawn Milne.

Shawn is a proven leader. He has years of leadership experience at the community organization level. He has filled appointed positions at the local, state and national levels. He has served in elected capacities at both the municipal and now the county level.

It would be nice if all decisions were easy. They aren’t. Shawn understands that behind each hard decision there are real people affected and the future of Tooele County is at stake. Shawn does the required research and homework to make the best and right decision for all its citizens. Shawn is fond of reminding those he interacts with that he represents all of Tooele County’s 60,000-plus citizens and truly believes it.

Tooele County has unique opportunities and challenges. Taking the lead at the county level on economic development, Shawn works with other leaders at the local, state and national levels to trumpet those opportunities and overcome the challenges to provide for citizen’s wants and needs while representing our core values as a community.

Shawn puts in the long hours required to do his homework and research to ensure the decisions he makes are the right ones for Tooele County. Shawn understands that doing what is best for Tooele County is not a part-time gig. That is why you can see the lights on in his office on the third floor of the county building late at night or his truck in the parking lot on the weekends.

Shawn is the best choice to lead Tooele County for the next four years. Please re-elect Tooele County Commissioner Shawn Milne. He is my choice. He should be your choice. Let’s make him our choice.

Jerry Houghton


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