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January 28, 2014
My roots run deep

Commissioners, what happened to no more cuts and no more layoffs and rebuilding the county’s trust in the county government? It is good to see that Jerry Hurst is still a man of his word. If the other two had any trust, they just threw it out the window.

They say that county employees want to leave the county, but going to work every day to see if they are going to get stabbed in the back doesn’t help to keep them there. I don’t think that money is the only reason they want to leave. Commissioner Shawn Milne’s arrogance is not an asset.

Commissioner Milne’s campaign was based on not raising taxes. I talked with him two days after he was sworn in, and told him that Tooele County was broke and he said he was voting against any tax raises. Then he said in the Transcript that he didn’t find out until February that Tooele County was broke. I ran into him at the town hall meeting at Deseret Peak and he denied even talking to me on the phone, so I had a little talk with him about telling the truth. People teach their kids to tell the truth.

They keep telling us they are saving money. I look out my window and see that houses are being built to the east and west of me. The tax base is increasing but so is the need for services. Has anybody thought that we as property owners pay out of our building budget for the permit to build and the survey to be done on our property?

Tooele County has always been well respected but it is going downhill fast. I would like to see a report as to how much money we are paying out to contractors to keep the county running.

My roots run pretty deep in this county. Harrison Severe was my great, great grandfather. He and George McBride were the first families to settle in Grantsville. I am also related to Porter Rockwell. “God” please send Porter back. We need him.

Kent Williams


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