Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

May 11, 2021
National Day of Prayer Assembly at Tooele Veterans Memorial Park 

We, as American citizens, have the privilege to pray openly in the marketplace and other venues, even in civil meetings. We foolishly believe we cannot do this in schools, but that is by intimidation. 

“Meet you at the pole” is one place that many ignore this intimidation during the National Day of Prayer. 

Unfortunately, we have leaders in our country seeking the benefit of appearing to be relational to God only by appearance. Except our gifted Mayor, who chose to come and address and join us in prayer this year as in previous years. 

Refreshing and worthy of honor to the Mayor for exposing understanding on her part how much we need and adjure the engagement of God in our earthly affairs.

For those who believe in and adhere to the Biblical mandate to pray for those in authority over us, whatever the title they bear, this is even a call to pray for our enemies, meaning asking for grace, wisdom and understanding to lead regarding righteousness and justice. 

This, as in other times in history, is more desirous that they would have that ability. Businesses, media and arts, education, and family as well as government were petitioned for God’s leading as noted.

What I considered is how these individual entities were not represented in person except our City’s leader. Each of these would benefit by considering that earthly understanding alone is so limited as concluded by science and yet they strive to function in their own reason. 

We can be open about our beliefs. Regardless of religious leanings in this land unlike China or North Korea or other regions of the world, that are sterilized or ostracized resulting imprisonment or death. 

Even Canada is now forcing religious assembly underground. For each of us, it is of grave consideration what we have been afforded by such sacrifice from those before us. 

The Bible has a statement; “therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of Witnesses, let us throw aside everything that hinders us, and the sin that so entangles us.”

Scott Thiessens 

Tooele City.

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