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October 6, 2020
National Newspaper Week: America Needs Journalists

October 4-10 is National Newspaper Week. It is sponsored by the Newspaper Association Managers, a professional organization of executives of state, regional, national and international newspaper associations headquartered in the United States and Canada. The week is even recognized by

The theme for this year is “America needs journalists.”

If you’re reading this, hopefully you already know why journalists, especially local journalists and newspapers, are important to our community.

Where else would you read about the budgets and taxes for our cities, counties, public schools and other public entities? 

In a short few months Tooele County will complete a more than three year process of changing its form of government. The Transcript Bulletin was right there every step of the way, reporting on the progress. The Transcript Bulletin will continue to report as the new form of government unfolds. No other news source brought you these stories.

Annexations, boundary changes, new cities, petitions, referendums, and lawsuits; over the last year we have continued to be your watchdog. Reporting on what’s going on inside government and inside our community. Our goal is to present our readers with fair, accurate, and balanced reporting that allows the reader to draw their own conclusions.

But it’s more than just being a watchdog, we also feature the people and institutions of our community — the good news.

Where else would you read about 93-year-old Norma Pitt’s love of golfing, a local high school graduate that was selected for a prestigious program at the University of Utah, or local firefighters volunteering to leave their families to help fight wildfires in Oregon?

Twice a week, every week, whether you wait for the print edition to be delivered to your home or if you pull out your phone and download the online version, we bring you the local stories you can’t read anywhere else.

America needs journalists. Tooele County needs journalists. We strive to be the journalists you can trust.

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