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October 24, 2013
Need help this election season? Please ask!

I have been made aware that some of our senior citizens are having trouble with the voting machines, and feel like they have no one to ask for help. This year as you go to vote, you will notice a sticker on each election worker that says, “Need help? Please ask!” Please do.

These wonderful ladies and gentlemen are there to make sure your voting experience is easy and satisfying, and that you are able to vote for the people you feel would represent you the best.  They are well trained and absolutely marvelous.

I also have the privilege of meeting with Beverly White next week, one of Tooele County’s stalwart citizens, to see what solutions we can create to help the situation. If you have any ideas on how we can improve any aspect of the voting experience, please let me know.

Where can I vote? The fact that the Tooele County Clerk’s Office is running municipal elections the county can be confusing. We have had some people come into my office to vote as they usually do in a county election; however, this is not a county election. In a municipal election you must vote within the boundary of your municipality or special service district.

Case in point: The North Tooele County Fire District (NTCFD) covers homes directly outside Tooele City limits, the homes directly outside Grantsville City limits, all of Erda, Lake Point, Lincoln and Stansbury Park. Even though Tooele City and Grantsville City are holding municipal elections, those living outside the city boundaries cannot vote for the NTCFD at the city polls. They must go to the Stansbury High School or vote by mail.

Please remember that you can still apply for a by-mail ballot through Thursday, Oct. 31. The form is available at Click on the Absentee/By-Mail Voter application link, or call my office and I’ll be glad to send you the form.

Does my vote count? My one vote doesn’t really make a difference. My candidate has enough support. They are going to win anyway. They don’t need my vote… Wrong. In 1845, one vote made Texas our 28th State; in 1868 one vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment; and in 1923 one vote gave Adolf Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party.

So does your vote count? Is it important? Absolutely! Don’t leave the choice of the leaders of your municipality, special service district, county, state or country to anyone else. Even if you think your candidate is sure to win—make sure. Cast your vote for them.

Your vote is your voice! Speak up!


Marilyn K. Gillette

Tooele County Clerk

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