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October 14, 2021
Neil Critchlow, candidate for Grantsville mayor

Neil Critchlow

Neil Critchlow

Please introduce yourself. Perhaps tell us about your education and work experience, volunteer community service or anything you want to say to help people to get to know you. 

I have enjoyed raising my family here for the past 40 years. As I have had the opportunity to serve in various capacities such as coach for youth sports, chief of the fire department, and co-chair of the Sociable, I have become very invested in keeping Grantsville a great place to live. I also served on the City Council for eight years. While serving there, I worked to ensure that the lifestyle we enjoy in our community will continue for future generations.  

Growth is a hot topic in Tooele County and our municipalities. Most people say they want planned, responsible, and/or managed growth. Can you be more specific about what you want growth to look like in your city or town? What is responsible growth? 

Managing growth properly is more than just saying no because we might not want more homes built in our community. It involves managing the approval process so that developers cover the costs of their projects rather than the taxpayers, in later years, having to pay for things that should have been taken care of by the developer.  

We need to ensure that enough water is available to meet the needs of each development. We also need to look at lot sizes, what the current zoning is, and if the development meets the master plan for the city. Infrastructure and parks/recreation need to be examined carefully.

We need to have a more thorough process for approving developments that ensures that developers are meeting all the stipulations and adjustments the city asks them to make.The plan that I would propose would take several months for approval. Developers would present to the Planning and Zoning Commission multiple times to ensure that all criteria are met. This plan would allow citizen input at several points throughout the approval process. I believe it is crucial that the citizens of Grantsville have a voice in the future of their community.

Another major point that needs to be considered is that current water and sewer infrastructure have capacity limits. It is crucial to assess the remaining capacity at our sewer treatment plant, as well as the pumping capacity and tank refill time for the city’s water wells.  When those limits are reached, regardless of whether a project has been approved, there should be no further building permits issued until that infrastructure is upgraded. 

If you win the election and you are successful at accomplishing what you want to do, how will your community be changed by your four years of service?

Businesses looking to locate in Grantsville would have a positive, cooperative experience. This would grow the business tax base in our city as well as give citizens more options. Residential growth would be well managed to ensure that water is available and that the cost of additional infrastructure is paid for by those who are profiting from the development. Citizens would have a sense of pride in the appearance of our city. Above all, I would hope that whatever issues we face, citizens would feel that they have a voice in the decisions and policies that affect our community.


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