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August 14, 2018
Never ending soap opera

The Tooele County Commissioners have had almost three years to get the racetrack sold but the entire process reads like a bad soap opera.

Tooele County agreed to pay Center Point $1.55 million of taxpayers’ money to get them to step aside. In turn. Center Point stated that it is no longer interested in purchasing the racetrack and agreed to not participate or interfere in any future sales of the property.

Back in November 2017, Commissioner Milne stated that he had one goal in mind: Get the facility sold, and everything wrapped up by March 1. Well, here we are in August and the soap opera has continued on and on and on! During the three years that have passed, the track has gone into serious disrepair. The interior of the raceway looks like a tumble weed orchard and the track surface itself has had to be patched in several places and will probably have to be replaced in the near future. This is because the county has not allowed the caretakers to do what is needed to keep what was once a first-class operating track in a first-class manner. 

In the meantime, the taxpayers then shell out another $10,000 for our commissioners to go to the grand opening of the Ningbo International Raceway in China, and have two meetings with officials representing Mitime.

It was quite obvious that Mitime/UMC was the only bidder at the end of June, but our commissioners stated that the bid had to be reviewed, and they would announce the new owner in 30 days. What needs to be reviewed; it was the only bid. To me, it was a simple yes or no to the bid.

Well, 30 days have gone by, and they once again state that they need another week (what were the results of the meetings in China?). Why do our commissioners continue to operate in a vacuum? What are they trying to hide? Where’s the transparency? Could it be that UMC came in with a bid lower than their original $20 million?

Is it because the County now owes UMC millions of dollars for managing the track?

Maybe in one more week, we will finally see the final episode of what seems to be a never-ending soap opera. Stay tuned.

Richard Trujillo


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