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February 19, 2015
New auditor duties have added important truths, knowledge

I guess I’ll have to change the name of this article to the Clerk/Auditor’s Corner. With the addition of the auditor’s duties to the office, I have learned some important truths:

• When you take on a momentous task such as adding an entire new department to your office, it is imperative that you have marvelous people working with you, and I do.

• You never really know what goes on in another office until you “walk a mile in their shoes.” Mike Jensen — former Tooele County Auditor and now the Tooele County Treasurer — and his staff did a marvelous job of keeping things running smoothly. I am so grateful to him for the time he has taken to bring me up to speed, and also for Kathy Clark, who came from the auditor’s office. She has brought a wealth of knowledge with her. So from here forward, this column will have clerk’s news, election news and auditor information.

Tourism Tax Advisory Board Grant Applications: The Tourism Tax Advisory Board (TRT) is again taking applications for available grant money. The primary purpose of the Tourism Tax Grant process is to provide financial support for the “promotion of recreation, tourism, film production and conventions,” as well as to provide financial support for the “maintenance and operations of convention meeting rooms, exhibit halls, visitor information centers, museums, sports and recreation facilities and other related facilities” as outlined by the State Code.

For an application and to get more information, please follow this link: Applications are due March 6 by 5 p.m. You may turn them into the Tooele County Commission office or the clerk/auditor’s office.

Board Openings: Tooele County has board openings for those who would like to serve to make our community a better place. The planning commission has two positions open for alternates. There are times when no decisions can be made in planning commission meetings due to the lack of a quorum. Having two alternates should help alleviate this problem. There are also two openings on the Rush Valley Water Conservancy District Board. To apply you must live in the district. These positions close on March 16. For an application to either board, please follow this link:

2015 Legislative Session: There always seem to be a number of bills that deal with elections during every legislative session. This year is no different. To mention a few:

• HB 072 deals with voters wanting to take a photo of their voted ballot, including at the poll.

• HB 070 states that if any candidate is allowed to put political signs on public property that all candidates must be given permission.

• SB 104 provides that State Board of Election candidates and local school boards are elected through partisan elections rather than nonpartisan.

The Clerk’s Legislative Committee is working on the above mentioned bills, supporting some and opposing others. On the auditor’s side, HB 0211 makes changes to the Armed Forces Property Tax Exemption, taking out the requirement that the veteran must be the property owner as of Jan. 1. I will keep you apprised of each bills’ status. If you have any questions, please contact me at 435-843-3148.


Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk and Auditor

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