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September 22, 2009
New biosolids disposal contract teams Tooele City with Cassitys

Tooele City at its city council meeting last Wednesday authorized a new contract for the disposal of biosolids onto property owned by the Cassity family, which is located right across the street from the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

“Tooele City’s wastewater treatment plant constructed in 2000 creates a solids product, which all sewer plants do, that you need to dispose of in one fashion or another,” said Paul Hansen, contract engineer for Tooele City. “Tooele City treats it to a level where it can be applied to farmland and pasture ground and this is simply a contract that allows us to apply a solid on property adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant owned by the Cassitys.”

The contract is between Tooele City and the Cassity Family Revocable Trust, Antoinette Thompson Cassity and Roy L. Cassity (co-trustees), collectively the Cassitys. The city will deliver and spread the biosolids on 106 acres of the Cassity’s property directly west of the treatment plant and will pay the family $3,000 a month, minus the cost of spreading costs incurred by the city. The contract is for 12 months.

The city currently has a contract with the Clegg family. This new contract provides the city with an alternate location to apply, according to Hansen.

“So we’ll probably move over to this property in the very near future,” he said, adding he imagines it will be within the next month or so. “We anticipate having it available and just seeing how our needs go. We’re just trying to be proactive and plan ahead.”

Roy Cassity said the city approached him about the possibility of disposing of biosolids on his property a few months ago.

“It’s a great fertilizer and I’ve got 100 and something acres there that could stand to be fertilized,” Cassity said.

“It’s right across the street [from the wastewater treatment plant] so it’ll save the city an awful lot of money. They’ve been hauling it clear across the city. This’ll make it so much cheaper for them to do.”

He added there is nothing within about two or three blocks of the property so there shouldn’t be an issue with smell from the biosolids.

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