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November 7, 2013
New cafe at TATC serves healthy fare for students

Fresh, fast and local.

That’s how the newest eatery in Tooele City describes its new menu.

The Connection Cafe, located inside Tooele Applied Technology College, opened for service on Nov. 4.

“One of our goals is to meet the needs of today’s newer generation of diners,” said Clay Campbell, general manager and executive chef at Stockton Miners Cafe, which also operates the Connection Cafe. “Students that want food that is fast, good, and healthy.”

While the cafe’s menu was designed with TATC students in mind, the cafe is also open to students at nearby Utah State University Tooele Regional Campus, the Community Learning Center, and the public.

Included in the menu are “Grab & Go” items like chicken, turkey, and ham wraps. The grab and go selections also include pita chips and humus, fresh fruit cups, and a fresh vegetable cup with dip. A half wrap served with grapes and cheese is also available.

The Connection Cafe serves three salads: green apple cranberry with grilled chicken, barbecue chicken, and a chef salad. Soup of the day is also available.

Hot lunches include French dip, a trio of burger sliders, barbecue chicken sliders, and a grilled chicken sandwich.

Chef’s specials, served daily, include a tamale and salad plate topped with chipotle and avocado aioli, and a grilled vegetable plate with fresh tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash topped with a balsamic drizzle.

For the breakfast seeker the Connection Cafe serves wild blueberry crumble muffins, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and yogurt parfait with homemade granola, and a variety of smoothies. The breakfast selections are available all day.

Prices range from $8 for the trio of sliders to $2 for the muffins, cinnamon rolls, and fruit or vegetable cups.

The trend for restaurants is moving towards food that is locally grown, according to Campbell. To stay on the cutting edge of food service, he is featuring local products on his menu such as Shepherds Dairy Goat Cheese from Erda, Harvest Lane Honey from Tooele, and beef from the Six Mile Ranch on Stansbury Island.

The menu was inspired in part by Campbell’s impression of the setting created by TATC’s building.

“The TATC has created a nice relaxed gathering spot with small tables, places for people to sit and use their laptops or other devices,” he said. “So some of the food, like the pita chips with humus or the sliders, are designed so they can be set in a table and shared with a small group of friends at a table.”

While the Connection Cafe is a business venture for Stockton Miners Cafe, Campbell stresses that the two are connected, but the menu and themes are different.

“We call it ‘Connection Cafe Powered by Stockton Miners Cafe,’” he said. “It’s kind of like the old traditional Miners Cafe powering a new generation of food that keeps the high quality but is fast and healthy.”

Connection Cafe is located inside TATC at 88 S. Tooele Boulevard, and is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tim Gillie

Staff Writer at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Tim covers education, Tooele City government, business, real estate, politics and the state Legislature. He became a journalist after a long career as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America. Tim is a native of Washington state and a graduate of Central Washington University.

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