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January 21, 2021
New Car sales lot for Tooele City delayed again

Planning commission waiting for state to verify compliance 

The Tooele City Planning Commission tabled, for the second time, a request for a conditional use permit for automobile sales and rental from a man that wants to open up business at 30 W. 100 South in Tooele City.

The planning commission tabled the request from Fiore Belmonte during their Jan. 13, 2021 meeting.

The same request was tabled during the Nov. 12, 2020 planning commission meeting after it was explained that the applicant had some outstanding code enforcement issues on another property that he owns where he also operates an automobile sales business.

The planning commission voted during the Nov. 12, 2020 meeting to table the item until those enforcement issues have been resolved. 

The Tooele City’s code enforcement officer confirmed that those issues have been resolved, but according to Jim Bolser, community development director, there are new issues that need to be resolved.

“Staff was made aware of a concern from the state of Utah,” said Bolser,  regarding Belmonte’s location at 100 South and Main street. “The state of Utah notified Tooele City that there is no licensure or bonding on file for the applicant to sell vehicles at that location, which means that the vehicles that are there for sale are unfortunately illegal in terms of use.”

Bolser said that the planning commission could not discuss the conditional use permit for 30 W. 100 South property further, because the applicant does not have licensing to sell vehicles at his other property.

“We are still in a situation where we have an issue with a conditional use permit,” said Bolser. “Based on that, if the planning commission was averse to approving the conditional use permit tonight, an option would be to continue the discussion further to allow for compliance.” 

Belmonte took to the podium to explain what was going on with his 30 W. 100 South location. 

“I was told of the situation but apparently what the compliance officer does not know is that you cannot get a state license until you have city approval for the zoning,” he stated. “We do have cars sitting out there that say they are for sale but there are no car sales going on. No one is trying to do anything wrong or break any laws. We did everything that we are supposed to do.”  

The planning commission decided to table Belmonte’s request again until verification of compliance is received from the state.

Bolser said he has spoken with Belmonte and Belmonte said he had a plan to come into compliance.

“From talking to the applicant since Wednesday evening, it appears he has a plan outlined to be in compliance by the next planning commission meeting and should be approved for his request then,” Bolser said.


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