Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

April 5, 2005
New church refreshing

Louise Curtis’ letter (March 29) seems just a bit insensitive and mean-spirited. She cites the inappropriateness of the new St. Barnabas Center at the north end of Tooele as “ruining our community with their brash colors” and not “fitting in.”

Ruining our community? Not fitting in with what? I guess she must feel OK about the north end’s strip mall, metal industrial building, fast-food, auto mall and big-box architecture that must fulfill her expectations of what doesn’t “ruin” our city.

Since when does adding a little color and flavor hurt anybody? Would she rather see another brewery or club instead of a church whose sole purpose is to help people become better? She will probably accept the bright orange color of that Home Depot when it arrives in town without any complaint.

In my view, the colorful little church building is a welcome and a refreshing change from our constant bombardment of gray and beige stucco boxes we so readily accept in our colorless built environment.

Ken Spence


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