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August 3, 2022
New coach to take bottom up approach building Tooele’s football team

In the aftermath of the team’s first winning season since 2016, Tooele High School’s football program saw a change in leadership at the beginning of the year.

Having led the Buffaloes since 2019, head coach Andru Jones took a job in Bountiful in January to coach Viewmont High School’s football team. Filling Jones’ vacancy is BJ Hunter, who has taught at Tooele High since 2005 and acted in various roles on the football team prior to 2016.

With 31 years of coaching under his belt, Hunter brings experience on both ends of the line of scrimmage having served as both offensive and defensive coordinator at different stages of his career. Describing his coaching style as a “bottom up” program, he says there will be no extra attention on either the defense or offensive units.

“I’m focused on making them the best players on both sides of the ball when they are on the field,” Hunter said.

Hunter’s experience includes coaching on a 1998 state champion Olympus Titans out of Holladay, a team that was also nationally ranked. More recently, as offensive coordinator on the Buffaloes in 2016, he oversaw a team that ranked fourth in the nation in rushing offense.

“I’ve run the gamut,” Hunter said. “We just try to get the most out of what we have and, whatever that is, let’s try to maximize it.”

And with this year’s team being relatively inexperienced, having only five or six seniors starting, Hunter isn’t setting the bar too high and will embrace the opportunity to start the season with a clean slate. During this learning period — which he says will be a marathon, not a sprint — the plan is to work on getting all players on board with the system, from freshmen all the way to senior players.

“My philosophy is that we’re always going to be who we are,” he said. “(We’re) focusing on ourselves being disciplined and being the best version of ourselves to help the team be consistent.”

As the season gets underway, Hunter says he isn’t worried about rivalries and doesn’t put too much stock into preparing for so-called big matchups.

“I don’t try to get overhyped about who we’re playing,” he said. “We are our biggest opponent we’re going to face, so (who) we face is irrelevant.”

Tooele holds its Purple and White scrimmage Friday evening at 7 p.m., one week before hosting Cyprus High School on Aug. 12.


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