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December 7, 2021
New dog wash in Erda City

Elway’s Doggie Wash 

A husband-and-wife team opened up a dog wash in Erda where customers can scrub, wash, rinse, and blow dry their fluffy friends in a heated and air-conditioned pod.

“Elway’s Doggie Wash” is located at 3965 UT- 36 in Erda. It is located in the parking lot of Thompson’s Smokehouse and Tooele Valley Bicycle and is named after Neil and Shawna Smart’s dog, “Elway.”

“We bought a dog a few years ago,” Neil Smart said. “We had been driving to North Salt Lake to use a dog wash like this and finally, we just figured that if we were going to drive that far to get our dog washed, somebody else out here in Tooele County would do the same, so we decided to put one in.”

Elway’s opened in August.

“We average about 10 dog washes a day here,” Smart said. “We are pretty happy about that but the more the better. We are really happy about the support we have received from Tooele County but there are still a lot of people who don’t know about it.”

In order to wash a dog, individuals insert their payment method, then select which product they want to use on their dog.

“It’s like a car wash,” Smart said. “You push the button you want for soap or whatever.” 

There are two shampoo scents at the wash and products for fleas and ticks, pet deodorizer, conditioner, and tub disinfectant, along with a vacuum and a dryer.

“It’s so nice to be able to wash your dog in an enclosed environment that has different product options for shampoos…” Smart said. “While you’re in there with your dog, you can deadbolt it behind you, so that if you are here anytime you can feel safe and secure. The wash is super easy and simple to use.” 

The wash costs $15 for 20 minutes of use but Smart is working on deals for individuals who use the wash regularly.

The pod that houses the doggie wash comes from “All Paws Pet Wash,” a company that sells pet washing stations to those interested in opening their own dog wash.

Elway’s Doggie Wash is open 24/7 and there is music playing in the wash at all times with ads from local businesses.

Smart and his wife want to thank Thompson’s Smokehouse and Tooele Valley Bicycle for their help getting their small business started.

“We are excited to serve the community and have this dog wash here,” Smart said. “It’s a super convenient way to wash your dog and not make a mess in your house or deal with a garden hose outside. We want to take that mess away from people and make it our mess.”


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