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May 14, 2019
New law allows motorcycles to cut to the head of the line

With warm temperatures and clear skies the past several days, there are more motorcycles on the road.

Motorists will need to be on the lookout for a new law that allows motorcyclists to engage in lane filtering. Motorcyclists can now overtake and pass another vehicle stopped in the same direction of travel in the same lane, according to state Department of Public Safety. The law went into effect Tuesday morning and permits lane filtering if certain criteria are met. 

Motorcycles can only lane filter if they’re on a road with a speed limit of 45 mph or less, which excludes freeways. The road must have two or more adjacent lanes in the same direction of travel and the motorcyclist can only lane filter between vehicles that are stopped. The motorcyclist lane filtering must travel at speeds of 15 mph or less, according to state DPS.

In all cases, lane filtering is only allowed where the movement may be made safely, state DPS said. 

Lane filtering also must occur between two lanes of traffic. Once traffic is permitted to go from a stop, the motorcyclist must safely merge back into traffic.  

An example of a place where lane filtering would be permitted is Main Street in Tooele City, which has multiple stop lights in speed limit zones of 35 mph and 40 mph, with two adjacent lanes of traffic in the same direction, according to Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Nick Street.

In a release from state DPS, some major roads affected by lane filtering were identified, including Redwood Road and State Street in Salt Lake County, Park Lane and Antelope Drive in Davis County, and State Street and Geneva Road in Utah County. 

More information on lane filtering, including example videos, can be found at and


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