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August 22, 2019
New LED lights installed at Tooele High School football stadium

When Tooele High School’s football team takes on the Grantsville Cowboys for its first home game of the season on Friday night, the teams will play under new lights.

The lights at THS stadium are in the process of being replaced. The work is scheduled to be completed before Friday night’s game, according to Steve West, Tooele County School District director of operations.

During a windstorm last February, one of the light poles at the stadium sheared off at the bottom, fell over and damaged equipment on the pole, according to West.

“We started thinking if one pole fell over maybe the others could,” West said. “And it became a safety issue to replace the poles.”

There are four poles of lights at the THS football field, with one of the poles being a cell tower, according to West.

The school district’s insurance company will pick up the cost of replacing the pole that broke in the windstorm.

The cell tower will not be replaced, but the lights on it and the other three poles will be replaced with new LED lights.

The school district will pay $318,600 for the replacement of the poles and the new lights. The school district’s insurance company will cover $48,702 of that cost for the replacement of the one light pole that blew down, West said.

The LED lights will use 50% less electricity and be instant on and off, according to West.

The old lights had to cool down for 15 minutes before they could be turned back on, which caused problems when lights had to be turned off for a half-time show or somebody accidentally turned off a light during a game, he said.

The configuration of the lights on the pole also includes a light lower on the pole that shines up over the field to help illuminate the ball during games.

Overall, West said the new lights and poles will be safer, more efficient, and better.

Skyline Electric Company of Salt Lake City is installing the new lights and poles.


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