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image Vehicles line up on Utah Avenue in Tooele City for the New Life Christian Fellowship’s food distribution in May 2020.

May 14, 2020
New Life food adjusts food distribution to COVID-19 standards

Donations from public accepted 

New Life Christian Fellowship continues food donation program in midst of pandemic, but with a drive-thru twist.

The church has still been giving away food but has been struggling to obtain donations, according to Mike D’Anjou, a member of the church in charge of the food program.

“Our food donations have dropped pretty low. We’re definitely giving out more than we’ve been receiving,” he said.

Even though the church has been struggling to obtain food to give away, not all hope is lost.

“We’ve had some amazing partnerships during this time. With everything going on, Nicholas and Co. has been blessing us with fresh produce as often as they can,” said D’Anjou

New Life has been giving away food “drive thru style” to protect individuals and volunteers from getting sick.

“So, we’ve had to shift how we’ve been doing things with the recent issues that have come about,” said D’Anjou. “Before, we were giving away food here in the office without a concern regarding the number of people in the offices. So, we changed it into more of a drive thru style.”

According to D’Anjou, individuals in need of food can pull their cars up to the driveway and a volunteer for the church will put a pre-made bag of food containing canned food and fresh produce in their car for them.

Food donations to the church’s program are always welcome, according to D’Anjou.

“Our amazing team goes through and makes sure that everything is up to date as far as canned food,” said D’anjou. “If someone wants to donate food, someone will be in the offices on Wednesday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m., but if those hours don’t work, they are always able to leave the food on the inside of the single glass door.”

The food distribution service will be available Wednesday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

New Life’s address is 411 E Utah Avenue.


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