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image Christy Johnson, director Tooele Community Resource Center; Carol Hollowell, Switchpoint executive director; David Dangerfield, Friends of Switchpoint president, stand in front a truck load of used clothing unloaded by Tooele High School student body officers. Hollowell says Tooele Thrift will be ready to open in a week.

July 2, 2020
New Resource Center operator brings thrift store to Tooele City

There’s a new store in town for old things.

Next week, Friends of Switchpoint will open “Tooele Thrift” in the building near the southwest corner of Vine and Main Street, south of Veteran’s Memorial Park.

“We’ll be ready in one week,” said Carol Hollowell, Switchpoint’s executive director.

Hollowell was standing in front of a huge pile of used clothing brought in from St. George to prime the shelves of Tooele Thrift as the store prepares for its grand opening.

Switchpoint is the new contractor taking over operation of the Food Bank, Community Resource Center, and the domestic violence shelter. They started July 1. 

The Thrift Store is part of the Switchpoint program and philosophy, according to Christy Johnson, director of the Tooele Community Resource Center.

Along with serving as a thrift store open to the public, the store will help supply clothing for the county’s homeless and people living in poverty, according to Johnson.

“The resource center’s clients will earn credit for working in the store and doing other things around the resource center,” Johnson said. “And they can use that credit to buy what they need.” 

The thrift store will be located at 34 S. Main Street in Tooele, while the Community Resource Center, including a Food Pantry, is located next door at 38. S. Main Street.

Along with the Food Pantry, the Resource Center will provide case management for clients, designed to lift them out of poverty, according to Johnson.

“The resource center will be a place for clients to make connections with community resources,” said Johnson. “We will have computers so they can look for and apply for jobs. We are working in collaboration with other agencies, programs, and the school district. We’ll be able to provide showers, an offsite location for temporary emergency overnight housing, and connections with rental assistance and other programs.”

Switchpoint has been operating a resource center, food pantry, and other social services in St. George for several years, including a substance rehabilitation facility, affordable housing units, and a soup kitchen, according to David Dangerfield, president of the Board of Directors for Friends of Switchpoint.

“Along with the thrift store in St. George, we have other micro-industries,” he said. “These provide an opportunity for clients to learn soft job skills, work to earn credit for assistance — learning self-reliance,” Dangerfield said. “They also provide us with income for our operation, so we too can be more self-reliant instead of being dependent on government support.”

The Community Resource Center is open and operating under established COVID-19 safety procedures, according to Johnson.

Volunteers to help at the resource center are welcome. People interested in volunteering can contact Johnson by email at


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