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March 16, 2017
New search feature in Photos is awesome

iOS and OS X’s Photos app hasn’t really kept up with other photo programs in the past, but it received an upgrade in macOS Sierra I think you are going to like. Even though Photos is still continuing to improve, you should see a difference from previous versions.

With the release of Yosemite and El Capitan, Apple improved the stability of Photos and they improved some existing features, but nothing very exciting or all that helpful as a user. In Sierra, the “search” feature changes that they implemented, are like taking a car with a small, under-powered engine and replacing it with a turbo, high-horsepower engine!

Apple added what’s called context analysis of pictures where it examines certain features contained in a picture, objects such as a dog, a car and even a facial expression. These objects are categorized so that this data can be stored and searched for when trying to find specific pictures in our photo library. Now, of course, this process is a little more complicated than the way I have stated, but that is basically the change in Photos.

I need to say more about facial recognition though. After you begin to label your photos, the app is designed to put your pictures into categories, but this sometimes may not happen for various reasons. There is a new category called Memories, which stores your pictures into groups and you may find this very helpful. When you open Photos, Memories is to the left in the menu and towards the top. However, there may be difficulty with this feature with recognizing the faces and also in syncing between your OS devices. I am sure Apple is aware of the issues and will continue to improve these features in the future.

Open your Photos app and in the upper-right corner, you see the search bar. Try various searches to see how well it works. Remember to name your photos appropriately, and this will help with the categorization of your library.

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