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October 15, 2020
New service will provide security cameras at Grantsville parks

Grantsville City plans to work with a locally owned wireless Internet service provider to enhance Internet connectivity at City-owned properties and provide security cameras at city parks in an effort to cut down on vandalism.

Council members approved a proposal submitted by 9Stone, Inc., a company owned by Bryan Scott,  at last week’s council meeting. 

Scott said Grantsville City approached him earlier this year about providing network coverage to support 24/7 video surveillance in CIty-owned areas such as Cherry Street Park and its utility facilities.

“It’s a provisional agreement right now with the nitty gritty details to be worked out with the City,” Scott said. “A big hurdle was getting the City Council to give the OK.”

Councilman Scott Stice said he reviewed the proposal and tried to find something wrong with it but couldn’t.

Mayor Brent Marshall said the City approached 9Stone, Inc. because the company had provided Internet upgrades to several private residents in Grantsville with positive results.

To address the City’s bandwidth needs for video surveillance, telemetry (SCADA), and general purpose Internet use, 9Stone would build and maintain network infrastructure connecting the City’s properties. Service between the properties and City Hall and/or Public Works would be offered free of charge to the City. In exchange, the City would allow 9Stone to provide service to customers in the vicinity of those properties to offset the costs of building and maintaining the network. 

Scott provided information about his professional background to the Council.

He has 20 years of experience in telecommunications and Internet service and worked for 13 years as Beehive Broadband’s head network engineer, eventually transitioning to Chief Information Officer.

Initially, the wireless network 9Stone operates was built by Scott as a Beehive employee and served just those few customers who lived near the homes the Scotts lived in. Upon his departure from Beehive in late 2017, Scott negotiated to take over the network and started 9Stone.

With the pandemic causing many organizations to transition their business to all-online formats, 9Stone tripled in size these last few months through word-of-mouth alone, especially in sections of Grantsville where true high-speed options are unreliable or don’t exist. As word continued to spread and more customers were installed, 9Stone’s need for bandwidth and expanded coverage increased.


Mark Watson

Sports Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
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