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December 11, 2012
New sexton misusing power

I am appalled at the lack of common sense exhibited by the newly empowered sexton at the Tooele City Cemetery. I arrived from out of town and put a lovely wreath on my father’s grave on Monday evening. I went back to take a photo of it on Wednesday and, lo and behold, it was missing. It was shocking, as my first thought was that our society had totally lost its moral compass. Who would steal from a dead person, much less Christmas decorations? I had my tearful moment and then proceeded to drive through the cemetery and ran into some friends who were decorating their family gravesite with loving kindness. We received a phone message from these dear friends a day later suggesting that we should check up behind the sexton office for the missing wreath. Mom drove up that night and in her headlights she saw piles of tokens of love tossed in a heap on the driveway. Shards of broken ornaments and parts of decorations were reflected in the light. The next day, I went up to have a little chat with the new sexton who had decided to enforce, with his newly designated authority, a regulation that has never before been enforced. A glimmer of power is a dangerous thing in the hands of a man who lacks total common sense. I can’t imagine I am the only one outraged by this approach from the new sexton Bob Hansen.

Fran Ripley

Cary, Ill.

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