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January 11, 2018
New Stansbury Park Service Agency board members hold first meeting

Two newly elected members joined the Stansbury Park Service Agency board during its meeting Wednesday evening, with a third member freshly elected to the position she was appointed to last year.

Board member Brenda Spearman was elected in November and had a positive experience with her first meeting on the board. It was all good impressions for new board member Aaron Spilker as well.

“I like how quickly we got through stuff and I think we’ll work really well together and I’m excited,” Spearman said. “I think it’ll be a good group.”

Spearman and Spilker replace former board members Gary Jensen, who was unsuccessful in a re-election bid, and Rod Thompson, who did not seek re-election. Board member Cassandra Arnell was assigned to the board in May 2016 after Jamie Lindsay left the group that March and was elected in the 2017 election.

Arnell said she was excited to get back to work with the newly constructed board.

“I think there’s a really positive energy here. I think that we’re going to move forward well together,” she said. “I’m glad that I’ve had this opportunity to learn and to help make this community better, because I love it.”

Spearman said hiring a new general manager for the service agency is a priority, after Randall Flynn was removed from that position on Sept. 27 and resigned on Oct. 10 after accepting a severance package. She said a focus is to really fulfill the potential of what Stansbury Park could be.

All three members highlighted the service agency’s master plan as a major project in the coming year and an opportunity for community input. Spilker identified responding to public comment as a goal for the board during his tenure.

“There are things that are really important to our community, the lake for example, and listening to those concerns and doing what we can to address those concerns and make sure the communication is taking place so they believe that it’s taken place,” he said.

Better communication, a social media presence and an updated website were among the goals outlined by Spearman and Arnell.

“I think Stansbury Park started out as kind of this dream community and I think it could still be that,” Arnell said.

The Stansbury Park Service Agency board meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7 p.m. in the Stansbury Park Clubhouse.

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