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May 27, 2021
New warehouse headed for Tooele

Hay storage and processing facility proposed for 54 acres on Utah Avenue 

A new warehouse containing an agricultural hay storage and processing facility may soon be built on Utah Avenue in Tooele.

The  Tooele City Planning Commission voted to give their approval to a conditional use permit for the warehouse with conditions, during their meeting on Wednesday night.

A processing facility is also proposed for the property.

During the meeting, Andrew Aagard, city planner presented the request for the conditional use permit requested by Haasen Tara.

The warehouse lot, which would be located at 1188 West Utah Avenue on 54 acres in the light industrial zoning district, would also include a separate storage facility.

Aagard explained that in order for the conditional use permit to be approved, five conditions must be met by the owner of the property.

“These are five basic conditions, plus one requiring the trucks use established truck routes through the city,” Aagard said.

Aagard also explained that there is a storm drain issue on the property.

“I have no knowledge of what that is,” he said, speaking about the drain issue.

Roger Baker, city attorney, approached the podium to tell commission members and the public about the storm drain issue.

“Tooele City claims prescriptive easement rights to storm water channels that have gone through this property and have been obliterated by the previous owners — previous to this owner,” Baker said. “It’s important to have this on record because we can either require those storm drain channels be reestablished in their original locations or be reconfigured and established in different locations.”

The applicant will have to submit a site plan application and work with the city to come up with a plan related to the storm drains, he said.

“The ditches on the property oftentimes don’t have water but when they do, it’s a lot of water and this is an absolute necessity — to convey that water and get it going north,” Baker explained.

A condition to the conditional use permit was added regarding the storm drain issue.

A transportation study is currently being conducted on Utah Avenue to determine how the city should stripe the road.

Aagard said that the applicant plans to construct an agricultural hay storage and processing facility on the property.

After Aagard and Baker were done speaking, a public hearing was held but no comments were made.

Commissioner Dave McCall said he is concerned about traffic in the area and a plan needed to be made concerning traffic flow and potential trucks turning in and out of the property.

Chris Sloan, vice chairman of the commission said that the traffic issues didn’t need to be looked into at this time, because a conditional use permit is very straightforward.

“This will come down the road,” he said, speaking about addressing the traffic issues.

At the end of the meeting all of the members of the planning commission voted to approve the conditional use permit for the warehouse facility with the condition of fixing the storm drains, except commissioner Paul Smith.

Smith didn’t approve the conditional use permit, because he said that he wanted to know more about what would happen on the property before he voted “yes.”

Although Smith voted “no” on the permit, the conditional use permit still passed.

“This is a much better-looking use of the property,” said commissioner Shauna Bevan.


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