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April 12, 2018
No boundary change for Rush Valley

School buses from Rush Valley will keep bussing students to Tooele 

The boundary schools for Rush Valley students will remain in Tooele City.

After reviewing the results of a parent survey, the Tooele County School Board voted not to change boundaries for Rush Valley students during the board’s regular meeting held Tuesday night at the school district office.

“I recommend that we keep the boundaries as constituted,” Mark Ernst, area director for the school district, told the school board. “That’s what stakeholders want. Although we may have to look at boundaries in the future.”

Rush Valley students’ boundary schools are Settlement Canyon Elementary, Tooele Junior High school, and Tooele High School.

The school district was considering changing the boundary schools for Rush Valley to better serve the community and to reduce enrollment at Tooele High School, according to school officials.

Rush Valley has a total of 83 students. Out of those 83 students, 42 attend schools other than their boundary schools in Tooele, Grantsville and Dugway.

Links to an online survey were given to the Rush Valley community in March. A total of 17 members of the community completed the survey. The respondents represented households of 43 out of the 83 students in Rush Valley.

Two major factors in choosing a school emerged from the survey data, according to Ernst.

Those reasons were; having a child attend the same school as an older sibling and attending the boundary school because the school district provides transportation.

The out of boundary school with the most Rush Valley students is Grantsville Elementary with 15 students, followed by Dugway School with 14 students.

Respondents to the survey opposed three alternate boundary options presented by the school district.

Out of  the 17 survey respondents, 12 were either strong or moderately opposed to all students from Rush Valley attending Dugway School. Fourteen respondents were strong or moderately opposed to Rush Valley students attending a new elementary school in Vernon and secondary students going to Dugway. Twelve respondents were strong or moderately opposed to Rush Valley students attending a new elementary school in Vernon with secondary students going to Tooele schools.

Nine of the survey respondents indicated strong or moderate support for not changing boundaries for Rush Valley students with four respondents indicating strong or moderate opposition to the present boundaries.

Twelve respondents said it was extremely unlikely that they would have their students attend school in either Dugway or Vernon if transportation was provided by the school district.

A motion to keep the presently constituted boundaries for Rush Valley students was approved unanimously by the school board.


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