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June 14, 2016
No more sorrow

Just a little addition to Kathy Whitehouse’s letter and to let her know she is not alone. When the city states that we have one week before the flowers are taken off the graves, it does not mean it is free gratis and anyone can go get them. Not all flowers are taken off anyway. The flowers in the permanent vases are usually left on the graves, unless some grave robber decides they need them more and also steals them. I have had flowers, figurines, flags and just recently, solar lights stolen off my son and parents’ graves.

The lights that were stolen this past Memorial Day have my loved ones’ names on them, so the robber can remember where they got them from. I believe the big joke is on the robber anyway. When they die and run into all the people they have stolen from, what will they say to them? I hope the robbers enjoy the lights as much as we did when we would go down at night just to watch the lights come on.

There is nothing you can do when you lose a son, parent, or other loved one; there is just a feeling of helplessness. We, who have lost loved ones, are just trying to honor them. Maybe by putting flowers on their graves we can get a feeling of doing something and a little bit of peace. Someone stealing them makes you feel like you are losing something all over again.

Let us just remember our loved ones are at peace and leave their graves alone. We have all had enough sorrow, don’t bring us more. My heart and love goes out to those who are mourning a loved one at this time. There is one great thing to remember: “Families are Forever” and no one can take that from us.

Connie Butler


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