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June 16, 2020
No to high density housing around temple

I was disturbed by the article in the Tooele Transcript on June 11, 2020, “Erda residents submit referendum for temple development rezone.” Those who are behind this do not represent most of the people in Erda, at least that’s my opinion, regarding the placing of a temple in Erda. For many of us, there is no other place in the world that would be more suitable for a temple than in Erda.  We want it.  We need it. It will be a very positive influence on many people here. I hope someone will make sure that the leaders of the LDS church know of our love for building a temple here and on the very spot that has been designated. So if their documents for the referendum refer in any way to their negative feelings of putting the temple here, I will not sign it.   They go on in the article to talk about the high density housing that is planned by the developers, and their referendum will address this. I totally agree with what they are saying here. The statement by the developers that they need high density housing to protect the temple is absolutely wrong.  Look at many of the temples around the world and note the absence of high density housing. We could start with the temple in Haiti where there are no houses there. That’s an exceptional case. But there are many others that do not comply with the developer’s rule. I guess they must look at the people in Erda as a bunch of no-good-niks who don’t care about what our lots look like. Apparently we are at the bottom of the totem pole regarding civility.  Unfortunately our County Commissioners were unable to do anything at the meeting. But we in Erda can do something. By adding our names to the referendum we are not saying anything negative about the temple or its placement here. But we are saying that the developers will have to deal with us and convince them that they don’t need, and we don’t want, high density housing around our beautiful temple.

Dwight Clark


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