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April 23, 2013
No wind turbines at Stockton

Please allow me to tell you a story. There was a young USAF officer, who, after serving her country for 15 years, decided to work in the civilian world. You see, after living in five different areas of the country, this young officer and her husband wanted to settle down and put down roots. They wanted to give their three little boys the opportunity to stay in the same school and make lifelong friends, and for the family to become part of a community. Where to go? They could go almost anywhere. The officer who was an MD by profession, found a beautiful home in tiny rural Stockton. They were ecstatic. This young family had found their paradise! Finally, a place to put down roots. Imagine her dismay, when about seven months after moving in, the family heard of a large wind power project slated for the property above and directly behind their house on the Stockton Bar. This particular project has been in the preparation stages for several years, long before this family moved in, although its been difficult to get anyone to admit it. These proposed wind towers are expected to be in excess of 400 feet. They will loom over this property, as well as that of some neighbors. Wind turbines can be beautifully graceful at a distance and a nightmare when practically in your backyard. Imagine, wind turbine noise, wind turbine lights, wind turbines casting off ice in the winter. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets? Gone from this view. Stargazing? Pretty difficult with the night sky artificially lit up. Studies don’t always agree on the health effects of wind turbines and they never will. It frequently depends on who commissions the study. However, why put them in a neighborhood filled with families that decided to enjoy the tranquillity of rural life? Why take a chance with the health of residents, in particular young children? There is a lot of room “out there” where turbines will not have such an effect on families. Especially on the families of the doctor and her neighbors. I’m telling you this story because this doctor is my daughter. Her sons are my grandchildren. I know first hand how challenging it has been for her family to move from time-to-time, all over the country. She and her husband found paradise for their family in Stockton, Utah. They would like to keep it that way.

Cheryl Shutts


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