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September 21, 2022
North Tooele Fire gets new trucks 

Total value over $800,000 

North Tooele Fire District recently spent over $800,000 to purchase three new trucks to help them fight fires. A ceremony was held at the Stansbury Park Station on Sept. 13 to dedicate the new trucks.

The trucks arrived at the station earlier this year, with two of them arriving in July and one arriving in January.

Their new fire engine, which arrived in July, is made by a company called “Rosenbauer,” the world’s largest producer of custom fire trucks worldwide.

“People are reporting very positive things about them, so we wanted to get something that everyone was feeling good about,” North Tooele Fire Chief Kevin Nunn said. “We are anxious for it to run its first call.”

The station also received a brush truck, created by Outback Fire Apparatus, out of Springville, and a used water tender truck which will hold over 2,000 gallons of water, from California.

All together the trucks cost over $800,000, paid for by impact fees.

The new trucks should last around 20 years, according to Nunn.

“All apparatus should come off of front-line response after 20 years; some guidance says after 15 years,” he said.

The old trucks will be repaired and put in reserve status.

“The old trucks need some upgrades and maintenance,” Nunn said. “Once they’ve been given some TLC, we will keep them at one of our stations and eventually, as we expand, and build a new station, we will put them there.”

During the gathering on Sept. 13, firefighters from across the county, as well as county officials and leaders, gathered at North Tooele’s Stansbury Park location to dedicate the trucks and perform a “push back” ceremony.

“The push back ceremony dates back to when fire apparatuses were drawn by horses,” Nunn explained. “When they would return to the station, the horses could not push the apparatuses back into the bays, so they would disconnect the horses and the firemen would push the apparatus back into the bays. We did this with all three apparatus…The idea behind the ceremony is to set up the trucks for a lifetime of service. Their lifespan is dedicated at this time.”

There was also a prayer given over the firetrucks and dinner was provided.


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