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January 16, 2018
Not to disparage

After reading “Our View” about Pat Dunlavy in the Tuesday, Jan. 9 edition, I was compelled to write in to express a different view. Granted, Dunlavy worked 50 years as a government employee, which is an accomplishment. It certainly would have shaped his outlook on how to handle himself and responses to issues he would encounter in his political career. He learned well how to be a true politician, like being able to tell people what they want to hear to their face, then not following through on what he told them.

I experienced this response first hand when I dealt with him as a member of the Bit ‘N’ Spur Riding Club. One example, of many others, was when he commented at a City Council meeting that he wished we would have come to him directly instead of going to the City Council about our concerns. We agree, but he would never make an appointment to meet with us, which is why we went to the City Council in the first place. His comment was made in public, and it seemed like he never meant to follow through with what he said. True politician! He definitely held a grudge from that point on. I am responding not to disparage him, but to show that he didn’t “walk on water” as the article tried to present.

Jim Harrell


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