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October 17, 2019
Nov. 5 ballots will be in the mail by this weekend. Watch for yours

Here we go again! But doesn’t it seem like we just held the Primary Election? Actually, we did, And even after you voted and sent your ballot in and it was counted on Election night, the Tooele County Clerk’s Office still has another month to six weeks worth of work to do. 

For example, there are ballots that come in after Election Day. Some are counted because they were postmarked before the election, and some aren’t because they were postmarked too late. We check all provisional ballots, remind those who lost in the primary about their final financial report, and prepare the reports for the canvas (final count of votes). Then we have to notify everyone whose ballots weren’t counted and why. 

We take a huge breath — and then it’s time to start again! 

Ballots for the Nov. 5 General Election will be at the post office by this weekend, so please watch for your ballot anytime. If you have not received it by Oct. 21, please contact my office. There are a few entities holding elections: Tooele City, Grantsville City, the Town of Stockton, the Town of Vernon and Stansbury Service Agency. 

Besides the candidates, Grantsville City has a Grantsville City Proposition #8. For entities that will not have an election, such as Rush Valley, Wendover City, Lake Point Improvement District, Stansbury Improvement District and the North Tooele Fire District, watch for their resolutions that cancel their election in an upcoming Transcript Bulletin. The Tooele County School District will have an item on all ballots, including entities that are not holding their own election. It is the “Board of Education of Tooele County School District – Bond Election.” 

For information on the candidates, Grantsville City Proposition #8 and the school bond, go to Click on “Learn about the candidates and issues” and you’ll be asked for your street address, city and zip code. This will bring up profiles on the candidates and information on the school bond. If you have questions, feel free to contact the candidates, Grantsville City (if you live in Grantsville), the school district, or you are always welcome to contact the County Clerk’s office at 435-843-3140. 

You have great power in your hands: a vote to decide on candidates who will run your entity and vote on questions that will affect your everyday life. Hence the saying, “Your Vote is your Voice … Speak Up!”

The Tooele County Commission approved Council District map #5 for county council districts at Tuesday’s meeting. To see the actual map, please visit this link: The council districts will go into effect after the 2020 election when the positions will be filled by candidates from each district.

If you have any questions, please call me at 435-843-3140 or send email to

Marlyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk.

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