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December 20, 2016
Obscene pay raise

Dear County Commissioner(s):

Do you really believe you have earned and are entitled to an 18.4-percent and 19.4-percent pay raise? I have lived in Tooele County since 1950 and I have never heard of a pay raise this high.

As stewards of taxpayers’ monies in Tooele County, you are responsible for providing the most efficient services at the lowest cost. Gouging Tooele County taxpayers by giving yourselves an obscene pay raise is not honoring those who elected you into office.

A commitment was made in a previous public meeting that “There would be no pay raises for yourselves until leaving office.” This pay raise is capricious and unconscionable. Your credibility as county commissioners is declining and your current salary is more than sufficient.

I recommend you rescind the pay raise!

Charles Ernest Puff


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