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February 22, 2005
Ode to “That Darn Cat”

We own a cat, or so we think, or is it He owns us! ‘cause who is it who jumps to help when he puts up a fuss?

We give him food and water and life’s necessities. Whatever he demands of us we always try to please.

He tries to catch a bird or two on the ground or on the wing. He’ll lie real still for several hours and never catch a thing.

But when it comes to gophers or cats that don’t belong within his territory, now that’s a different song.

He rules a quarter acre lot and everything within. If intruders try to challenge him, somehow they never win.

At times he’s very patient but that patience wears real thin, if he has to wait too long when he wants out or in.

When he wants the chair you’re in for himself to lie upon, he will sit and stare and meow till you move, and he has won.

He has a dozen places where he can take a nap. One place, (not the least of which), is often on our lap.

He loves the way we rub his ears, it puts him in a trance. He lets you know when he wants more every time he gets the chance.

He’ll jump upon the lounge chair and yowl to beat the band. Then show appreciation with a nip upon your hand.

But if you stop too quickly and try, away to go, if he is not contented he will surely let you know.

Yes, he can be demanding, when he wants, he wants it now. Although he is persistent he’s still the Cat’s Meow.

It’s true we really love him, he is part of our family. We would be heartbroken if he ever went away.

But there are times I wonder, who wears the master’s hat. And I am not so sure that it isn’t That Darn Cat.

Jerry Hill

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