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October 19, 2021
Old Grantsville Church is alive with ‘The Sound of Music’

Dinner or show only options available 

The Old Grantsville Church Dinner Theatre opens their production of “The Sound of Music” on Thursday evening with performances continuing through the evening of Nov. 1.

“The Sound of Music” first opened on Broadway in 1959 was later adapted for the big screen in 1965.

Set in 1938, as Germany prepared to send troops into Austria to annex the country for the Third Reich, “The Sound of Music” is a story of love, courage, patriotism, and hope. 

Based on a true story of the von Trapp family,  a “flibbertijibbet” novitiate nun is assigned to be a governess for a widowed Austrian navy captain’s seven children. She brings music and joy back to a broken family, only to face danger and intrigue as the Nazis gain power, while she finds her true calling. 

“We decided to perform the Sound of Music in fall of 2020 and then we were shut down because of the pandemic,” said Macae Wanberg, director and owner of the Old Grantsville Church, along with her husband, Kelly. “This is a really popular show, and either because actors were excited about the show title or just because they were anxious to get out and perform again, we had our biggest turnout ever at auditions.”

All the main characters were double cast and the ensemble includes a large cast of nuns and German soldiers, bringing the total cast to almost 100 people.

“For the parts of the seven Von Trapp children alone we had 62 children audition,” Macae Wanberg said.

“I, like many others, grew up singing these songs and watching the four hour movie many, many times,” Macae Wanberg said. “The stage play has most of the same songs and characters, with a few extra songs added.”

The sound of the nuns singing in Latin, illuminated by candles, during the opening scene reverberates from the walls of the old church in a way that makes it sound like the audience is sitting in a cathedral..

Patrons will no doubt hum their favorite song on their way home.

The original Broadway production won five Tony Awards, including Best Musical. It was the last musical that Rodgers and Hammerstein worked on together, as Hammerstein died nine months after the premier.

The 1965 musical film version won five Academy Awards.

Tickets are now on sale. They are available online from or call or text 435-241-8131 to reserve tickets and pay at the door. Guests are seated in the order they buy or reserve tickets.

The show has dinner theater options, featuring dinner catered from local eateries, as well as show only options. 

Visit for a list of show times, options, and to see which cast members will be performing.

The eventbrite link is


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