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November 30, 2017
Older apps may not work in macOS High Sierra

After upgrading your Mac to High Sierra, you may find some apps will not launch. Although this may seem accidental or an oversight on the part of the developer, Apple has other plans going forward.

It’s reported that Apple will begin phasing out support for 32-bit software and apps. This may or may not affect you depending on the age of your device and software. I’ll show you how to easily search your apps for compatibility.

Developers will be required beginning January 2018, to submit only 64-bit apps to the app store, and by June 2018, all apps and updates must be 64-bit.

This is how it may affect you: If you have older games, many people do, if you use Microsoft Office, if you have any apps downloaded from the app store years ago, Apple will be dropping support for these, which could lead to 32-bit apps not opening or functioning properly.

There is a simple way to tell if you are running any 32-Bit apps on your Mac. From the Apple menu at the top-left, select About This Mac. Next, you’ll want to click the System Report button. When the report opens, to the left, scroll down to the Software group and click Applications. It may take a few moments for this area of the report to display, but once it does, look at the heading 64-Bit. It is here where you can verify if any of your apps are in jeopardy. If it states “No” under this heading, it is a 32-Bit app.

I was surprised to see I have several apps that will need some attention. Some of these apps will be updated through the app store over the next several months. The best thing to do first is go the app store and see if there is an update for your app. If there isn’t an update for your app, you can go directly to the website and see if they offer, or will offer, an updated version in the future. Please note, some app developers will not update their app to 64-Bit, and this is something that occurs for older apps.

The important thing here is to keep in mind that the day is coming that 32-Bit apps will not work on your Mac. This will also affect the mobile phone market, too, although their schedule appears to occur at a later date.

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