Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

January 19, 2021
One more death in Tooele County

Vaccinations for people over 70 begin 

Everyone who wants to receive a vaccine will get one, over time, according to Utah Department of  Health Department officials.

3,057,437 individuals in the state have been tested for the virus and 168,908 vaccines have been administered, as of Jan. 18.

“Demand for the vaccine is high,” said Utah state health officials.“Utah’s local health departments are experiencing a high volume of calls and website traffic. We’re grateful so many Utahns want to get the vaccine. It’s safe and effective at protecting you from the virus and vaccines provide hope to end the pandemic.”

State health officials said they can only give as many vaccines as they receive.

“Utah’s local health departments are experienced in handling vaccination clinics,” said the state Health Department. “They are experts when it comes to giving vaccinations to large numbers of people. However, they can only give as many vaccinations as they receive and they’re working hard to distribute vaccinations as efficiently as possible.”

State officials posted on their Coronavirus website that individuals living in Utah over the age of 70 will begin receiving vaccines as early as this week.

With high demand, those who want the vaccine may have to wait a while.

Individuals who are interested in receiving the vaccine, can contact the Tooele County Health Department to find out when they will be able to receive it or make an appointment.

It may take a while for everyone to be able to receive the vaccine, because of limited supply.

Tooele County currently has had 5,531 positive cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began in March of 2020, according to the Utah Department of Health.

Tooele County has also had 157 hospitalizations and 17 deaths.

There is no way to know how many individuals are currently receiving hospital care for the virus at this time, according to Amy Bate, public information officer with the Tooele County Health Department.

On Jan. 14, Tooele County had 4,841 positive cases of the virus, 148 hospitalizations, and 16 deaths, according to a report released on Thursdays from the Tooele County Health Department.

This means that one individual has died since the health department released their report on January 14.

The Jan. 14 Tooele County Health Department COVID-19 report gives 4,098 as the number of recovered COVID-19 cases.

Utah State has had 324,919 positive cases of the virus, 12,576 hospitalizations, and 1,500 COVID-19 related deaths, according to the report by the Utah Department of Health.

Tooele County Health Department staff continues administering COVID-19 vaccines to priority groups -— healthcare workers, long-term care facility staff and residents, first responders, school staff, and those people 70 and over. 

Vaccines have begun to be administered to school staff over 60 in schools and will continue for all school staff over the next three weeks. 

Beginning at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 19,  people in the above groups can call 435-277-2484 for a vaccine appointment or make an appointment online at


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