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April 5, 2018
Online map shows frequency of virus attacks against the U.S.

Have you ever been curious about virus attacks against the United States, such as how often they occur or where the attacks come from? If you’ll take a moment to look at the Norse Attack Map, you’ll be surprised at just how much of our country is under attack from other places throughout the world. The Norse Attack Map is an online, real-time, virus attack map by Norse Corp.

Let’s take a look at the map. Open your Mac’s Safari browser or for PC users, open your Microsoft Edge browser, and in the address bar at the top, type in: “” without quotation marks. When the map opens, if it doesn’t show any activity, just refresh your window by clicking View and then Reload Page on a Mac or pressing F5 on a PC.

According to their website, Norse Corp. has “over eight million sensors” around the world and they have more than seven Petabytes of attack history data.

As you view the map, the key at the bottom helps you recognize the origin and target of the hacks, as well as specific and detailed information about each live attack displayed.

At the bottom-right, you’ll see a dial where you can zoom the map in and out, and if you click “i,” the “Intelligence Legend” appears for more information about understanding the map.

Below the dial, clicking “Explore” allows you to choose specific filters for the map display and clicking “Why Norse?” will tell you more about the company and how they “maintain the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network.”

Virus attacks are serious for all of us and it is important you take actions to protect yourself, your assets, your data and your family.

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