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July 31, 2018
Opportunity doesn’t always knock gently at your door

The wind howled and pounded the windows of homes throughout the town. Such nights are a common occurrence, yet that doesn’t remove the angst that blows in with the wind. That was the case one howling night as I reviewed the events of a challenging week.

The week was stacked with difficulties that had absorbed all of my attention. And these challenges were stirred up and swirled with the weather. But then there was a shift in the wind.

The wind shift happened as soon as my consciousness began to follow the wind, like the string of a kite, dancing to the wind’s voice. 

“Look what I brought to your door! See the lessons you learned.”

I caught hold of the string and the evening’s torture became enlightenment as my mind went from one lesson to the next, building a new sense of gratitude. Suddenly, the week’s long list of challenges were no longer a source of fear. Rather than view problems as trouble, I could see them as growth and opportunity.

Opportunity doesn’t always knock gently at the door; it often comes disguised as a challenging problem. So next time your heart is filled with apprehension and angst ask: “What important, life changing lesson can I learn from this?” 

Then as the wind howls and pounds at the windows of your soul, remember that such challenges are a common occurrence in life. And, let your mind follow that wind, like the string of a kite, dancing to the wind’s voice, as it directs you to see your path toward growth.

Opportunities, for success, come howling for everyone who can recognize them in all forms. 

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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