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March 8, 2018
Optimizing your storage can speed up your Mac

A feature in Sierra that has been continued in High Sierra is storage optimization. If you find your Mac running slow, this is one of several things that may help to make it run faster.

From the Apple menu at the top-left, select “About This Mac.” When the box opens, at the top, select the “Storage” tab. Here you will see a breakdown of the storage usage on your Mac. It may take a few moments before the colored graph appears. If you hold your cursor over the colored graph, each color will indicate the saved category and how much. Next, select the “Manage” button to the right.

In the box that opens, make sure that “Recommendations” is selected at the top-left. Here are four areas that can help to eliminate unneeded files and better organize the files you want to keep.

Select the “Store in iCloud” button and you have two options: store your “Desktop” and “Documents” and/or “Photos” in iCloud when your Mac needs the room.

If you select to “Optimize” your iTunes, your movies and TV shows will automatically be removed after they have been watched. You can re-download them anytime.

If you want to automatically remove files that have been in the trash for more than 30 days, select the “Turn On” button to “Empty Trash Automatically.”

And finally, you can “Review Files” that may no longer be needed. When you select this option, you can go through all the categories to the left and see what is exactly stored in each of them. An easy way to create more free space is to look at the large files on your computer. Select the “Large Files” tab above, and see if there are any files you can remove. If you do, highlight the file and to the right of the name, select the “X” that appears and then select “Remove.” This is a permanent delete action so be certain you want to remove it.

After you have made your choices, you can close each of the windows.

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