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July 20, 2021
Oquirrh Point Planned Community

What in the world is happening to our Tooele County Planning Commission?   

Is there an oath of office that says, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the wishes of all housing developers who appear in our meetings.” Or, “I do solemnly swear that I will represent the people of our county by respecting their desires regarding the development of our county, except the people of Erda. They don’t really count and they surely can’t govern themselves.”  

Our planners know about our referendum. They know that we have been forced to incorporate in an effort to maintain the Erda we love. It would have been so easy for them to just postpone their decision until we have completed our incorporation work. 

But no. They would rather spend hours refining and refining the plan for the Oquirrh Point Planned Community. They couldn’t seem to realize that no matter how great and wonderful the plan is, the plan is not the issue. The issue is how the majority of us want our community to look like.  

Further, they seemed to be so caught up with doing a thorough traffic study when all they would have to do is personally use SR-36 during commute time and wonder, “Wow, what would this be like if we added hundreds more cars? Oh but our mid- valley highway will take care of everything.“ (LOL).  

And this isn’t Erda’s only land-use problem. We are also very concerned about the land grab action occurring on our west.

People say, “Why do you care so much?  You are 90 years old and will be gone before any of this development is completed.”  

I care so much because I care about my friends and neighbors that I will leave behind and how their town will become like the towns and cities in the Salt Lake Valley with nothing but blacktop and rooftops.  

But, I guess I understand, kinda. Money is King, always. But I do have one hope, and that is that our county leaders will remember us when development plans are presented to them.

Dwight Clark


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