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December 28, 2021
Oquirrh Point

Some in Tooele county who signed the recent referendum against Oquirrh Point didn’t understand that Oquirrh Point vs. the KTM development is an either-or choice. 

Oquirrh Point will provide housing in an orderly way with greenspace, 65 acres of agricultural conservation easements in perpetuity, public buildings, and partial payment for an intersection. These will save Tooele County taxpayers money. 

Should the Oquirrh Point development fail, the KTM development, which is already approved, will scatter houses and rentals across the entire acreage with no taxpayer benefits.  

It is not too late to remove signatures from the referendum.

For transparency, I’m sharing the Sagers family’s role. My grandfather worked hard to buy and run his Erda farmland for many years. His plan for his three sons to run it later is no longer viable due to deaths in the family. Seeking to keep it farmland, we explored numerous options including USDA/UDAF conservation. If quick money was our purpose, the property could have been sold to a development firm years ago.

Oquirrh Point offered to buy this productive farmland and place it and other acreage into an agricultural conservation easement preserving it for farmland in perpetuity. The family unanimously agreed to sell it for this purpose. 

Should the Oquirrh Point development fail, there will be no other feasible option but to sell it for more housing.

For more information, read my Facebook post. If you signed and changed your mind, you can remove your name at 

Thank you,

Stephen Sagers


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