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June 1, 2022
Over 400 students graduate from Stansbury High School

Over 400 Stansbury High School seniors walked across the stage at the Maverik Center in West Valley to receive their diplomas in a ceremony held in the Maverik Center at 2 p.m. on May 26.

The commencement began with a welcome message by Justin Whitehead, senior class president, the National Anthem sung by Nora Carman and Skyley Gutierrez, two graduating seniors, and recognition of valedictorian and salutatorians by Principal Gailynn Warr.

Then, CC Woods, senior class valedictorian, took to the stage to make a speech.

“Taylor Swift perfectly sums up graduation in her hit song ‘22’ when she says, we are happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time,” she said. “Most importantly though, tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines.”

Woods continued on to say that high school was both a time of triumphs and losses.

“I could go on for hours about everything that I’ve learned but I’ll spare you guys and highlight what I found to be the most important lesson of them all: perseverance, despite difficulties,” she said.

Woods told her fellow graduates about the time she was injured before an important drill team performance during her junior year of high school.

“The remainder of junior year and beginning of senior year were both really tough for me as I watched my best friends participate in a sport that I loved most while I sat on the bleachers,” Woods explained. “Nevertheless, I pushed through and that is what I urge all of you to do now, push through.”

After Woods, Emily Owens, a graduate, performed a song she wrote on her guitar, and Abram Magleby, co-salutatorian, took to the stage to address his classmates.

“Today I stand before you at a period of our lives with struggle, hard work, and now success,” he said.

Magleby continued on to talk about a lesson his uncle taught him. “Passion is the most important thing someone can discover within themselves,” he said. “Passion is what drives us to grow. It is what allows us, as individuals, to create…Your passion can be absolutely anything…Mine is math…Passion is something that is discovered, not developed, and in order to discover it, you need to be continually trying new things without fear of failure.”

The senior class’s other co-salutatorian, Bryan Morris, then performed a musical number with a few of his friends and Leslie Valenzuela, the student speaker, spoke to graduates.

“When we enter this cavern we call school, we never really take time to consider the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said. “When the sun shines down and we find ourselves being unearthed from the grit that covers us, we see everything we can become. We are gems and through the pressure of being prepared to be tumbled, shaped, and chipped by the world, we are given the opportunity to discover what exactly it is we are composed of…Our debut into the world is one that is refining and radiant, yet our refining has only begun.”

Valenzuela spoke of a painful experience in her life and how she transitioned into the person she is today as a result of the experience.

“Have comfort in the control and in the freedom you have gained,” she advised her classmates.

After Valenzuela’s speech, Warr took to the stage to announce a surprisingly young graduate. At just 15, Ahmed Al Dulaimi became the youngest student to ever graduate from the high school. Al Dulaimi has been awarded a full ride scholarship to the University of Utah where he plans to study to become a neurosurgeon.

The senior choir then sang a song, spirit scholarships were given by Whitehead, Warr presented the graduating class, and school board members accepted the graduates, before they walked across the stage and accepted their diplomas.


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